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So I happened upon  a thought last night while drinking a beer and watching a movie.  The movie was Prince of Persia:  something about sand,  and I got to say it was at least entertaining.  Now, the newer games on which this is based I have not played (but rocked it old school back on the Amiga 500, whatup whatup) so it was nice to come into this with no expectations at all.   But, I’ll be damned if it wasn’t like watching Assassins Creed during the running, jumping, and making the way through open air markets.   And I know it wasn’t just me that picked up on the eagle eye moments.  

The more important part of the viewing though was the beer.   Awhile back my Dad and I came across a brew at Goose Island (that I should really talk about sometime) which was as strong a bourbon beer as a bourbon style beer can get.  Since then he has been looking for something similar.  Michelob’s Winter Bourbon Cask Ale was the latest attempt (look at what I did Meh, I linked the word WOOT), when picking it up he didn’t know it was a Micheob.The taste was acceptable, I liked it, with hints of the bourbon, hops, and a carmel flare (couldn’t taste the vanilla).  But as quick as these flavors appeared, poof, they smoothly drifted away.  And that would be my issue with this beer.  It’s too smooth, like many of the  big company beers it’s so smooth you don’t taste it after it’s been swallowed.  Makes it nice for people who are timid about trying new things but those looking for more from a beer trying to be Craft it’s just not enough.

Here’s the thought I talked about in the first line.

When learning about wine, I was told the difference between good and less expensive wines.  At first they all tasted the same (which at the time to me was like gross grape juice).  Then after that I started picking up the flavors that these crazy people were talking about.  (I started by saying everything had a deep berry flavor for a long while and no one got I had no clue what I was talking about) After getting my wine wings drinking way too many bottles, I finally could get the difference.  Just like that one day I got it.  Time for the test; a $15  vs.  $75 bottle.  The 15 was good, I loved it and for the most part this is the only type I would ever drink.  The 75 was also good, but the difference was that the good lasted so much longer.  The flavors danced on my tongue long after the wine had made its way along.  As it sat in my mouth more and more flavors would come to life.  It was more complex. 

So the same thing must stand true on beer, even if the prices are similar.   Each beer has its place but I don’t know if I’m all about big beer company’s trying to fake people out with a craft brew label.  To those who know, you know what you’re getting when you see the package.  But what about those that don’t?  Are they getting robbed of a true craft brew experience?   Should I call Michelobs offerings flavored beer?   Is craft brew only to be used on small start-up company’s trying to take on the giants until they one day themselves become a giant whose beer is referred to as flavored? 

At this point I realized I was lost rambling in thought and gave into the pretty pictures on the TV…

Sko DZ