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Focus in a Crash

Posted: November 16, 2010 by Sko DZ in Bike Thoughts

What do you see???   

Man about to lose his time trial, suffer horrible road rash, and humiliation?

Or do you see thousands of dollars of equipment which is just going to be thrown away because of one missed turn.

I see the latter,  like a helmet one crash, one bike… wheel set… crank arms…   Some one get me a nickel! I have a test to see if it’s still ok to ride.

Bigger picture here.


What’s in your Scheme?

Posted: September 20, 2010 by Sko DZ in Bike Thoughts

So I had this thought during mile 13 of a 20 mile run I did the other day.      Yeah I did that…Meh did slightly less…

I was surfing around the other day on a local bike shop and they were showing off their bike of the week. 


So this is not the bike I saw but one that I could link in this post… I hope they are not done making adjustments on this bike, ouch.   What this bike has in common with the one I wanted to link is the paint scheme.  So this is not a knock on Trek’s Project One where for a price you can change the one thing that does nothing to enhance the performance of the bike.   Nor am I knocking the guy who paid the price to have a bike that is unique to his personal style; that price btw is $31.50 which is shadowed by 755.99 for real looking flames.   My question is why would anyone want their bike to feature flames???  Do you want people to notice your hot new ride?   Are you aluding to the notion that if you could just reach 88 mph you would/could travel through time?  Or perhaps you want your bike to reflect how your legs feel to the local group ride so they slow down?   It just seems like a silly choice to choose to pay extra money and time to achieve.  So this got me thinking…. if someone is willing to pay to have flames on their bike, another company must have already tapped this market and made a production bike with flames as a standard.  Surely they should have?  Right?    I looked and looked and I found one that is close enough for comparison.  And here it is . . . .

So lighting instead of flames but it achieves the same effect.  Your $5,000 road bike mimics a $300 kids bike, I’m going to put that in the “you lose category”.   Sko DZ

Edit -9/21/2010

Thought about this on my ride today,  what would be a cool paint scheme?   Make the Seat stay/top tube/seat tube look like a flux capasiter,  Slap OUTATIME on the down tube, “Working to achieve 1.21 Gwatts” on the Chain Stays, throw some of those spoke lights in blue on the wheels, and bam you got a bike anyone would be proud to ride.    Yeah, I watch Back to the Future this past weekend.