About this Wild Unkempt Wordmashing Seen as Blogging

Basically, two friends get the idea to put together a blog. In one respect, they would like a better excuse to go get shitfaced trying every beer they can, all while chanting, “it’s for blog, I’m not an alcoholic (dribbles on bar counter).” Much like many beer enthusiast, we like beer, we like micro-brews, we like foreign imports, we like drinks and great taste. In reality, we much rather have a good excuse to not only go out of the way to find these great new taste, but a collection of thoughts on what we tried.

Let’s face it, you probably had a beer you really liked about 7 years ago. Too bad it was #8 that night, and today you are going “This is a great beer!” Too bad it’s you 6th one today, so tomorrow it will be “that beer, you know, the one that started with a ‘G’ and tasted like heaven.” This blog is reason to write it down. To put a menu list of beers you like and dislike. This is our excuse, it’s a good one.

Hopefully we find some good fun and worthy stories along the way.

The Authors:

Mr. Meh – Nick is an argumentative shallow shell of person. He is that guy that argues for the sake of it. Someone says one thing, Nick has to make sure it doesn’t go without a check. He enjoys vulgar humor, morbid and twisted, he lives his days finding the next oddest way to laugh it up.

Mr. Meh is an alias that was formed in 2009 when he started a gaming blog to act like a raving lunatic, or your common day-to-day Mountain Dew drinking nerd, raging at the world. Despite the blog’s overuse of the word ‘fucktard’ and ‘McDouchery’, the blog for some reason did well. And a select few hundred enjoyed regularly coming to read the next set of antics and rants. There is really something wrong with society.

Beyond drinking, on-line gaming, blogging, running, and rants; Nick’s opinions should never really be taken seriously.

Sko DZ – Scott is an avid cyclist and livin’ the dream. Upon leaving the fine city of Chicago, where beer was plentiful and easy to access, found that now he had to work at finding new beers. So what better way to log adventures in beer drinking then on a blog. 

Also did you read the thing about cycling, yeah well riding bikes and drinking beer goes hand in hand so he will mostly talk about this on more then one occasion.

Beyond drinking, being a beautiful person, riding bikes, playing video games, running, and thinking the things he writes are funny; his opinions should be used as pick up lines on the girls you don’t want hanging around you anymore.

Overclocked – Chris is an avid beer-drinker, a novice home brewer and enjoys most things the beer world has to offer. His other activities include pwning teh n00bs in a few online games, paintball, and a few outdoor activities like kayaking, fishing and shooting shit. Relative to the other two Spoke’n Beer authors, Mr. Meh and SkoDZ, he would like to think of himself as a logical voice of reason or…. in some instances ridiculous and obnoxious with no real point at all.


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