Focus in a Crash

Posted: November 16, 2010 by Sko DZ in Bike Thoughts

What do you see???   

Man about to lose his time trial, suffer horrible road rash, and humiliation?

Or do you see thousands of dollars of equipment which is just going to be thrown away because of one missed turn.

I see the latter,  like a helmet one crash, one bike… wheel set… crank arms…   Some one get me a nickel! I have a test to see if it’s still ok to ride.

Bigger picture here.

  1. Overclocked says:

    This is what I see….

    (yes, bored at work xD)



  2. Sko DZ says:

    Did you add in a smiling rock? I think you do in fact have too much time on your hands at work.

    Nice add.

    • Overclocked says:

      You sir, need to keep up on your internet memes.

      It is a classic ‘trollface’ add. And thank you.

      • Sko DZ says:


        The only meme’s I know are my grandmothers “grandma” name, the chick from Rent, and two pictures of myself shown back to back. (Get it?)

        And as for this troll face….. um, trollface?

  3. Mr. Meh says:

    So …. did you crash?


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