Fishing for Pumpkin Stout

Posted: October 22, 2010 by Sko DZ in Uncategorized

So, tried a Pumpkin Stout on the porch a day ago.

Fisherman’s Imperial Pumpkin Stout, which is code for a little bit stronger than their standard pumpkin stout (  ) , presented in the large single bottle.  I say just go for the six-pack… Like many stouts this was creamy and sweet.  The thing to set it apart is the spice, a nice wonderful spice that sits at the back of the palette.  But that was the only difference.  I tried to pick up the hints of pumpkin, I did, but I couldn’t get it on the nose, could not get it in taste,  the spice I think over powered the more subtle flavors of pumpkin.  I know the pumpkin flavor was part of the sweetness of the beer but that pumpkin was hiding in a patch of other flavors.  NONE THE LESS,  I would get the beer again,  just maybe in the standard Stout form.  

A good beer to drink while watching the leaves fall from the trees.  Sko DZ


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