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Time to Harvest this Moon

Posted: September 30, 2010 by Sko DZ in Blue Moon Brewery

As I stated in the last post,  I got a variety pack from Blue Moon Brewing Company and the next one to be reveiwed is Harvest Moon.  This one is a pumkin ale which are among my favorite.  It may be because they only show up once a year but every fall I seach out every pumkin style beer I can get my hands on. 

So the Harvest Moon has a great color to it, a light amber color which when the foam head froms it gives all those little bubbles an orange tint.  But color means nothing when it’s in my mouth …(insert Michael Scott)… What I really like about this guy is the all the spice.   The pumkin flavor is very sublte and can be lost if your tongue isn’t looking for it behind the all spice and nutmeg.   Upon sipping the beer the first thing that hits is the all spice/clove combo which is then mellowed by the nutmeg (and if your looking for it,pumkin) that then stays on the palet for some time.   This proved to be very enjoyable beer, not my favorite Pumkin out there but I’d come back to it if I saw it around.      Sko DZ


A Pale Moon Rising

Posted: September 28, 2010 by Sko DZ in Blue Moon Brewery, Order It Again!

So I figure I got to start writing about these beers I’ve been drinking.   Spending time thinking about the best way to write about them is doing me no good.  So I’m just going to write.  And if it’s witty… that’s a bonus.

So last night as I watched the Bears butt heads with the Packers in what was a grueling grudge match ( But no fear friends the monsters of the midway arose victorious 20-17, Bear Down! ) I was able to try Blue Moon Brewery’s  Pale Moon fall seasonal. This link will do you no good as this one beer seems not to be listed…. It was part of their fall season variety pack, so don’t be surprised if more from Blue Moon doesn’t show up shortly.   

So the Pale Moon is described as a Belgium Style Pale Ale,  long title, which is both a strike for and against the beer.   Belgium beers always get me excited because it’s an excuse to throw just about anything into the beer.  On the other side of this coin is the Pale ale . . . and I am always weary of ale of a pale nature.  This is due in part to the overly floral notes.  Pale Moon however did a wonderful job of keeping the daisies in check.  The beer comes off dry at first taste followed by those floral notes I was talking about, but not to worry, as I did for just a moment, the taste smooths out revealing the spice and coriander.   Look I finally got around to describing the beer…  which was very tasty.  Now this is not a beer I would drink while eating wings; if the ladies where coming over and finger food of the cheese and fruit type was on the menu this could be the beer for the occasion.  Or matched with a hearty fall dinner with harvest foods present, it is a fall seasonal beer after all.

This one goes in the order again category.    Sko DZ

What’s in your Scheme?

Posted: September 20, 2010 by Sko DZ in Bike Thoughts

So I had this thought during mile 13 of a 20 mile run I did the other day.      Yeah I did that…Meh did slightly less…

I was surfing around the other day on a local bike shop and they were showing off their bike of the week. 


So this is not the bike I saw but one that I could link in this post… I hope they are not done making adjustments on this bike, ouch.   What this bike has in common with the one I wanted to link is the paint scheme.  So this is not a knock on Trek’s Project One where for a price you can change the one thing that does nothing to enhance the performance of the bike.   Nor am I knocking the guy who paid the price to have a bike that is unique to his personal style; that price btw is $31.50 which is shadowed by 755.99 for real looking flames.   My question is why would anyone want their bike to feature flames???  Do you want people to notice your hot new ride?   Are you aluding to the notion that if you could just reach 88 mph you would/could travel through time?  Or perhaps you want your bike to reflect how your legs feel to the local group ride so they slow down?   It just seems like a silly choice to choose to pay extra money and time to achieve.  So this got me thinking…. if someone is willing to pay to have flames on their bike, another company must have already tapped this market and made a production bike with flames as a standard.  Surely they should have?  Right?    I looked and looked and I found one that is close enough for comparison.  And here it is . . . .

So lighting instead of flames but it achieves the same effect.  Your $5,000 road bike mimics a $300 kids bike, I’m going to put that in the “you lose category”.   Sko DZ

Edit -9/21/2010

Thought about this on my ride today,  what would be a cool paint scheme?   Make the Seat stay/top tube/seat tube look like a flux capasiter,  Slap OUTATIME on the down tube, “Working to achieve 1.21 Gwatts” on the Chain Stays, throw some of those spoke lights in blue on the wheels, and bam you got a bike anyone would be proud to ride.    Yeah, I watch Back to the Future this past weekend.

The Water May be Sweet …

Posted: September 16, 2010 by Sko DZ in Bars with Beers

All righty, post number 1 is under way.  Lame to type that … so moving on.   Last night we were kicking it at the Sweet Water Tavern in NOVA (Fancy talk for Northern VA) because the person that lives in that area had no idea where else to get a drink.   Meh.  Nice place, chilled at the outside bar (inside is lame cookie cutter eatery that is not eligible to live the high life as their cheapest burger is 10bucks), and had a few brews.  Of the beers I tried the Black Stallion oatmeal stout was the stand out;  thick and creamy, hints of coffee,  and only got better as it got warmer.   The lager is also worth a mention,  it says it’s fruity and there is orange citrus flare;  just don’t coming looking for a full body on this girl.  She dresses nice, she looks nice, heck even smells nice, but then you get to the prize and the 5’11” girl you’ve been chasing only weights 60pounds and she hid it well.  This has been a long way of saying it lacked body.  Order it for that 4’11” girl you brought, it’ll be a good fit.

Also, on the menu is an Oktoberfest and as it is the season I would have liked to have one of those. When asking about when I could get one of these I was told, “well when we sell out of the IPA, then we will tap it.”    Screw that it’s Oktoberfest season and Oktoberfest should be on tap and if you have to sell out of one to put out another it’s called a beer special, a sale, a deal, reduce the price to move it quick.  It’ll work, promise.

Feeling so early 00’s

Posted: September 13, 2010 by Sko DZ in Uncategorized

Here I sit at my laptop drinking coffee and bogging.  Insert upbeat theme song, this sitcom is greenlit boys.  Words on beer and bikes to come . . . so I’m gonna go get a beer.  Sko DZ

And So It Begins …

Posted: September 13, 2010 by Mr. Meh in Uncategorized

Hello reader!

Today is they day, 2 dudes decided to start a co-authored blog to write their incredible and witty reflections on booze and bikes.

In the next couple of days … weeks, we will be pulling together a format for the blog and start planning some excited specticles to write on.